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Here we have all kinds of Ear Expanders ranging from Spirals, Tapers, Plugs and Tunnels. All in quality Acrylic, Wood, 316L and Unique stones, patterns, and shapes. We have them in all sizes to fit our gauge enthusiasts who are just starting their stretching journey and for those who have started their stretching journey and those who are rocking bigger gauges.


Cartilage Piercings are very popular now in days. Celebrities such as Pink and Scarlett Johnson have all rocked a Cartilage stud or hoop, we have those and more. Delicate Gems and Cool Icons, any color you can think of and patterns that are sure to turn heads.


Earlobe piercings are worn worldwide, we have a variety of studs from Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, even Rainbow! There are so many different Modern Logos, beautiful gems and all different earring backs like push back, Comfort Disc, or Screw Back Earrings to choose from. When it comes to adorning ears, we have all you need.


Industrial are a great way to really enhance your look. We have a vast array of industrial bars with a variety of wild and fun designs like dangles, stones, even Glow in the Dark Industrial. If you are looking for an awesome and unique Industrial bar, then you’ve come to the right place.


The trendy Daith Piercing has been styled by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Zoe Kravitz. Our Selection of Daith Jewelry is stunning, we countless Shapes, Crystals, and colors to Embellish the centerpiece of your Ears the right way.


Stacking ear jewelry is Super in right now and we can help find the perfect ear cuff for you. You can rock a couple sleek cuffs like Rihanna or a Cuff that covers your whole ear like Cara Delevingne if you incorporate our one of a kind cuffs into your Ear Candy Collection


if you have an Ear Piercing our Huggies are essential! we have sophisticated and fun options for any occasion. Our Huggies are High Quality and are gentle on Ears so you can keep and style them for a lifetime!

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